Moving requires certainties.
We have them.

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About us

We know what people who are moving want: to be carefree. It has been our aim since 1985.

You might be moving from a flat or relocating a company, storing furniture or transporting works of art: big or small jobs, always carried out with the care and attention of a family-run company.

Movart's certainties

We need certainties in life. Even more so when moving. The utmost attention when carrying out all the necessary procedures, our experience in managing complex removals (e.g. companies or works of art), with skill in every phase of the move, including insurance which we provide for every service, our ability to manage and solve emergencies, all have the same aim: a successful move. Guaranteed.

Our staff have been with us for many years, in the true spirit of a family business. People you can count on, experts and professionals, who are fully focused on their work when entering your home. Thus ensuring confidentiality and security.

Homes removals

When concerning homes, confidentiality and caution are required. It is this certainty of a professional job that accompanies every phase.

  • Strictly new packaging
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture
  • Customised insurance policies
Homes removals

Offices removals

Offices removals

Office relocations are overseen by a project manager who coordinates all the interventions to minimize disruption.

  • Secure handling of hardware
  • Removal of safes and armoured cabinets
  • Corporate archive storage service
  • “All Risks” insurance policy
Offices removals

International removals

International home removals from Italy worldwide and vice versa. With a network of international corrispondent partners with high service quality.

  • Handling customs procedures
  • Customised packaging in crates
  • Long-term storage service
  • “All Risks” insurance policy
International removals

Fine art removals

Transportation of Fine Art for museums, galleries, antique shops and private collectors, with an international network of highly specialized correspondents.

  • High resistance packaging
  • Special vehicles with satellite control
  • Nail to nail insurance policies
  • Handling customs and Ministry of Cultural Heritage issues
Works of art removals

Furniture lift hire

Hire furniture lift trucks, electric elevators, cranes and all the lifting equipment for DIY moves or for special interventions.

  • Handling procedures to occupy public ground
  • Handling safety in the workplace procedures
  • Steel scaffolding for walkways
  • "All Risks" insurance policy
Furniture lift hire

Furniture storage

If you need to store furniture, documents or personal items for some time prior to entering your new house or office.

  • Container boxes under surveillance 24/7
  • Daily tariffs even short-term
  • Accessibility 24/7
  • "All Risks" insurance policy
Furniture storage


All our boxes and containers are new, we make crates to measure for fragile and precious objects.

  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Reinforced cardboard boxes
  • Bubble wrap for fragile items and clothes boxes
  • Special containers for works of art

Specialized transport

Experts and special equipment to handle important assets such as safes, hospital equipment, industrial machinery.

  • Special vehicles with satellite control
  • Creation of customized crates and packaging
  • Handling municipal and safety in the workplace procedures
  • "All Risks" insurance policy
Specialized transport

Waste management

Transporting waste requires 3 things: experience, specific equipment and a valid registration in the Register of Environmental Operators.

  • Registered in the Register of Environmental Operators
  • Transport of non-hazardous special waste
  • Waste identification disposal procedures
  • Assistance for the disposal of corporate assets
Waste management


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